Committee | Hadden Hill Golf Club
Hadden Hill Golf Club


Mens Committee
CaptainDarren Cadman
Vice CaptainJohn Roper
TreasurerPeter Wilkinson
Competition SecretaryPeter Cosford
Director RepStuart Dobbs
Handicap SecretaryDarren Brooks
Match OrganiserPaul Noble
Scratch Team CaptainPaul Noble
CommitteePeter Cosford
HOGS RepTony Davey
Ladies Committee
Ladies CaptainLesley Eldridge
Vice CaptainPam McIntyre
TreasurerKaren Clarke
Competitions SecretaryJan Hargreaves
SecretaryMary Greene
Handicap SecretaryPatricia Bates
CommitteeCheryl Boorman
CommitteeMargaret Vallance
CommitteeLinda McDougall
Seniors CaptainRoger Davies


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