• Stunning scenery from one of the greens at Hadden Hill Golf Club
  • The view from the 5th Tee at Hadden Hill
  • The 4th and 7th Greens at Hadden Hill
  • The Signature 7th Hole at Hadden Hill
  • The view from the 8th Tee across Oxfordshire countryside at Hadden Hill
  • Dog-leg 11th hole at Hadden Hill
  • Golfers on the Par 5 1st Hole at Hadden Hill
  • The picturesque 13th Hole at Hadden Hill
Course Open
Buggies in use - 18 holes
Trolleys in use - 18 holes
Play well, enjoy and remember Hat plus Suncream, Thank you. (updated 19 April at 08:03)
Course Care And Etiquette

When playing at Hadden Hill, as either a member or a visitor, we hope you and your fellow golfers have an enjoyable game.

In order to ensure everyone enjoys their time on the course at Hadden Hill Golf Club, we ask that you obey the following course rules and etiquettes.

Course Care

  • Replace all divots.
  • Repair all pitch marks on the greens. 
  • Do not take practice swings on the tees.
  • Rake all bunkers.
  • Leave rakes in bunkers.
  • Drop (no penalty) from G.U.R.
  • Keep trolley/buggies on the designated paths.

Course Etiquette

  • Correct dress required
  • Avoid slow play - maximum 4 hours for 18 holes (2 hours per 9 holes).
  • Call faster groups through immediately if you are holding them up.
  • Play a provisional ball if your ball may be difficult to find.
  • Any group losing one clear hole on the group in front must invite the following group to play through.
  • Every player must have his/her own bag containing at least six clubs - sharing is not permitted.
  • Do not play a shot until the players in front are out of range.
  • Leave the putting green immediately after all players have finished putting.
  • Keep trolley carts off tees and well away from greens. Use the paths provided.